The Breakthrough Process

Step 1: Possibility

At this step, we welcome every idea. We help channel creative energy into multiple concepts to bring life to your product or service. We aim to identify ways to maximize your brand image within your budget and environment.

Step 2: Path

Once we have designed your exhibit, mobile tour environment, pop-up store, or experience–and decided how to draw consumers in with our design production–we begin production. We digitize three-dimensional renderings, drawings, and ideas to make sure everything is in place for the fabrication and production phase.

Step 3: Production

All of our fabrication and building is done in-house; we do not use subcontractors. Our clients can expect updates on the build-out process in real time.

Step 4: Prize

We coordinate logistics, setup, and breakdown for the perfect event. Once your event is over, we can move and store your assets within our facility or, for multi-city mobile tour marketing events, we can transport them to their next destination.


Breakthrough Productions, an expert in experiential production, recently collaborated with Anthropologie to create a temporary retail haven in the bustling heart of New York City. Infusing the urban landscape with a touch of whimsical retail theatre, this pop-up store was a showcase of custom-designed props and installations, all sculpted from lightweight yet sturdy foam. The pop-up was an ephemeral wonder, materializing overnight and standing as a testament to the agency’s swift and precise execution. In the span of a single day, the space was transformed into a shopper’s paradise, complete with an inviting bar, retail displays that whispered tales of fashion and design, metallic glazed cherries that added a playful note, a cozy coffee station for the caffeine aficionados, and sleek POS systems. The integration of wall signs, not only serving their practical purpose but also enhancing the aesthetic with their integrated lighting, was a highlight. Completing the transformation, the entire space was painted to perfection, embodying the essence of the brand and the theme of the event.
The pop-up store was not merely a retail space; it was a narrative crafted by Breakthrough Productions, with every element meticulously designed to engage and enchant visitors. The temporary installation invited shoppers to a three-day immersive experience that blurred the lines between shopping and performance art. The custom cherry props, with their metallic glaze, became Instagram-worthy focal points, while the seamless incorporation of technology through the POS systems ensured that the narrative never broke, even at the point of sale. It was a harmonious blend of form and function, where even the functional bar and coffee station became stages for interaction and conversation.
For Breakthrough Productions, this project was a celebration of their craftsmanship and ability to turn a concept into reality. The collaboration with Anthropologie was a ballet of design, logistics, and customer experience, all coming together for a temporary yet unforgettable retail installation. The success of the pop-up store in New York City stood as a testament to the agency’s prowess in creating spaces that resonate with consumers, engage the senses, and leave an indelible mark on the memory. This was not just a pop-up store; it was a three-day journey into the heart of brand engagement and experiential retail, masterfully orchestrated by the visionaries at Breakthrough Productions.


Breakthrough Productions, a visionary experiential production agency, recently took on the exciting challenge of bringing the vibrant world of the beloved anime “Naruto” to life for the comic-con circuit. Their expertise in scenic fabrication shone brightly as they crafted a heavily themed display that not only paid homage to the intricate world-building of the anime but also created an interactive haven for fans. Each element of the display was custom-built, carefully designed to recreate iconic scenes from “Naruto”. This immersive environment served as a dynamic backdrop for showcasing an array of the brand’s collectibles, statues, and limited edition releases, inviting attendees to step directly into the narrative they cherish.
At AnimeExpo, the display crafted by Breakthrough Productions transformed into a bustling hub of excitement, offering unparalleled photo opportunities that buzzed across social platforms. Fans were drawn into a meticulously detailed environment that felt as if it had been lifted straight from the pages of the manga or the scenes of the anime. Retail became secondary to the experience as the space blurred the lines between a store and a stage, allowing fans to engage with the products through the lens of their favorite characters and storylines.
The ingenuity of Breakthrough Productions in creating this space was evident in the seamless integration of retail and tradeshow elements into the scenic display. The environment was not just a stand to visit, but a journey through the “Naruto” universe, with each collectible and limited release strategically placed to complement the story being told. This approach not only celebrated the narrative and artistic aspects of the anime but also elevated the retail experience to something more profound, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees and setting a new benchmark in themed tradeshow displays.