Live Events and Pop-Ups

Our agency partner had a super successful activation promoting the greatest thing all humans have in common: Planet Earth. Taproot was a multi-city tour based on sustainability, art, and taking care of the earth. This build not only had a carbon emissions offset through Breakthrough’s donations to sustainable foundations, but also leveraged recycled and repurposed materials every step of the way.

Multi-city Activations

We created engaging mobile experiences for each Jack Daniels field market team for key activations and brand awareness. Our toolkits featured minimal setup, clear instruction manuals, easy pack-up into crates, and conformity to exterior and interior requirements.

Pop-up Store for Jack’s 150th Anniversary

Breakthrough Productions designed and built Jack Daniels’ very first pop-up store in the history of the brand. Originally slated for a three-city tour, our adaptable, modular pop-up store journeyed to eight cities before the assets were repurposed. (To this day, they live on in other projects.

House of Jack

When another vendor delivered a bulky, inflexible, poorly-crated build, the brand asked us to step in and help. Breakthrough Productions modified, reduced, and saved the build, allowing faster setup and dramatic reductions in labor and trucking costs.