Live Events and Pop-Ups

Breakthrough Productions, a visionary experiential production agency, recently took on the exciting challenge of bringing the vibrant world of the beloved anime “Naruto” to life for the comic-con circuit. Their expertise in scenic fabrication shone brightly as they crafted a heavily themed display that not only paid homage to the intricate world-building of the anime but also created an interactive haven for fans. Each element of the display was custom-built, carefully designed to recreate iconic scenes from “Naruto”. This immersive environment served as a dynamic backdrop for showcasing an array of the brand’s collectibles, statues, and limited edition releases, inviting attendees to step directly into the narrative they cherish.
At AnimeExpo, the display crafted by Breakthrough Productions transformed into a bustling hub of excitement, offering unparalleled photo opportunities that buzzed across social platforms. Fans were drawn into a meticulously detailed environment that felt as if it had been lifted straight from the pages of the manga or the scenes of the anime. Retail became secondary to the experience as the space blurred the lines between a store and a stage, allowing fans to engage with the products through the lens of their favorite characters and storylines.
The ingenuity of Breakthrough Productions in creating this space was evident in the seamless integration of retail and tradeshow elements into the scenic display. The environment was not just a stand to visit, but a journey through the “Naruto” universe, with each collectible and limited release strategically placed to complement the story being told. This approach not only celebrated the narrative and artistic aspects of the anime but also elevated the retail experience to something more profound, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees and setting a new benchmark in themed tradeshow displays.

Multi-city Activations

We created engaging mobile experiences for each Jack Daniels field market team for key activations and brand awareness. Our toolkits featured minimal setup, clear instruction manuals, easy pack-up into crates, and conformity to exterior and interior requirements.

Pop-up Store for Jack’s 150th Anniversary

Breakthrough Productions designed and built Jack Daniels’ very first pop-up store in the history of the brand. Originally slated for a three-city tour, our adaptable, modular pop-up store journeyed to eight cities before the assets were repurposed. (To this day, they live on in other projects.

House of Jack

When another vendor delivered a bulky, inflexible, poorly-crated build, the brand asked us to step in and help. Breakthrough Productions modified, reduced, and saved the build, allowing faster setup and dramatic reductions in labor and trucking costs.