Live Events and Pop-Ups

Leading up to 2023 CES with all the holidays in full swing, we were asked to handle the production of not one, but TWO separate activations for ASUS computers. Our agency partner worked closely with us to get through all the required details while carefully planning and executing the builds for two very similar, but vastly unique builds for ASUS computers.

Multi-city Activations

We created engaging mobile experiences for each Jack Daniels field market team for key activations and brand awareness. Our toolkits featured minimal setup, clear instruction manuals, easy pack-up into crates, and conformity to exterior and interior requirements.

Pop-up Store for Jack’s 150th Anniversary

Breakthrough Productions designed and built Jack Daniels’ very first pop-up store in the history of the brand. Originally slated for a three-city tour, our adaptable, modular pop-up store journeyed to eight cities before the assets were repurposed. (To this day, they live on in other projects.

House of Jack

When another vendor delivered a bulky, inflexible, poorly-crated build, the brand asked us to step in and help. Breakthrough Productions modified, reduced, and saved the build, allowing faster setup and dramatic reductions in labor and trucking costs.