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The Problems we solve

Companies of any size all face the same issues and at Breakthrough we have completed hundreds of tradeshows over the past 17 years and have honed in solutions to these major problems.

  • Design and Creativity

    Companies want unique and eye-catching designs that will attract visitors and stand out among competitors. They seek expertise in creating innovative and visually appealing booths that reflect their brand identity and messaging.

  • Quality and Durability

    Ensuring the exhibit is constructed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship is crucial. Companies need exhibits that can withstand the rigors of multiple shows, including setup, teardown, and transportation.


  • Customization and Flexibility

    Businesses often have specific needs and preferences for their exhibits. They look for fabrication companies that can offer customized solutions tailored to their requirements and provide flexibility in design and functionality.

  • Project Management and Support

    Effective project management is essential to ensure the exhibit is completed on time and within budget. Companies seek firms that offer comprehensive support, including planning, coordination, installation, and dismantling services.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Budget considerations are always a priority. Companies aim to maximize their return on investment by finding fabrication partners who can deliver high-quality exhibits at competitive prices and offer cost-effective solutions.

  • Logistics and Storage

    Managing the logistics of transporting, storing, and maintaining exhibits between shows can be challenging. Breakthrough offers reliable logistics and storage solutions to streamline these processes and reduce hassle and give our clients a turn key approach.

Built with you in mind


Fully custom

Our fully custom tradeshow booths truly embody the concept of limitless creativity and versatility. With an expert team of designers and builders, we have the capability to bring to life booths that are not only functional but are also extraordinary in their design and appeal. Whether you're looking to make a statement with something complex, embrace the quirky with something funky, stay ahead of the trends with something cool and futuristic, or keep it grounded with a rustic vibe, we've got you covered. Our portfolio showcases a wide range of sizes and styles, from intimate 10x10 spaces that captivate and engage, to grand 2 story 50x90 booths that dominate the tradeshow floor and leave a lasting impression. Each project is a unique exploration of brand identity and exhibition creativity, designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Let us bring your vision to life with a booth that stands out in the sea of sameness, making your brand the talk of the tradeshow.

Semi-Custom & Modular

Rent OR Buy

These booths blend a combination of custom and unique elements and are very hard to distinguish from another in this class.  The finishes and graphics are all unique to your brand and your story, yet the rest of it is a smaller modular component to help save you money and maximize your budget.  These options are both available for Rent and purchase and can be different every time.

Weaponize your sales team and attract your ideal customers 
The Purple Passion
The Shelf Expression
The City Escape watermarked
SunBum Traditional-1

Need more inspiration or looking for something more traditional?

Click on over to our more traditional tradeshow booths.  All have custom graphic options and range from a display you can throw on 

Take a look and call to speak with one of our experts who wants to see you succeed in your exhibit needs.

Do you know you need to:

  • -Increase sales
  • -Weaponize your sales team
  • Attract new customers
  • -Build something awesome
  • -Have a smooth and seamless build experience?

But don't know where to start?     


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