Most people have been to large extravagant weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, or parties where it looks like Disneyland, or even a pop-up store, that is just so over the top with custom branding and unique experiences. If you have ever attended one of these extravagant events, then you’ve probably found yourself wondering how it all got started? How did someone build the pieces that look as though they were made just for that event? And more importantly… How much did this cost?

One of the most important things we have learned over the years is that meeting a client’s timeline and expectation is and should always be the priority. While there will always be a need to carefully craft custom pieces through carpentry, metalwork, foam sculpting, etc… With the tight turn arounds, the huge visions of the creative team, and sometimes a very tight budget, a creative production company sometimes needs to outsource existing items and modify appropriately. Many times, it’s no different than turning a sheet of plywood or lumber into a cabinet or something else unique to the project.

For example, the client may see something they love online but want something about it changed… Something that could make it more unique to the brand. It could be the existing item has a plastic top, and they want a custom stained wood or color matched paint to match their brand guidelines.

Nearly every event or project we do utilizes some form of pre-existing product. And our go to for purchasing these pre-existing products? Wayfair.

Working with a company like Wayfair who has a vast online inventory, we have been able to source everything from ceiling tiles that we can paint custom colors, carpets for an extra pop of color, wall shelving, or even couches and bar stools.

One client was looking to make a custom light fixture: old in nature, but with a modern flair. They wanted to recreate a custom lighting piece using old block and tackle pulleys and go for a country store/industrial vibe. We sourced the light fixtures and the pulleys from Wayfair, pulled some rope from our inventory, and had our team fabricate a custom mount to easily hang the lighting in various locations since the pop-up store the item was for would be touring the US in 10 different cities.

Later, a homeowner saw the inspiration photos on one of our Pinterest boards and asked us to make a similar item for their own home. With an angled ceiling it required a custom bracket, yet the overall look and feel and the sourcing of materials remained the same.

Another reason that we choose to buy from Wayfair is because of the price. The total to purchase an item is normally significantly less than if we were to rent the items needed. If we rented, we would be looking at hundreds of dollars in labor, transfer, and other random fees from a rental company. Not to mention, the piece could look tired and worn down which would not help us achieve the client’s vision.

Buying for events also gives our company the opportunity to keep the items in inventory for the next project or donate it to causes that can accept the one-time used furniture. This process ensures everything goes to good use and minimizes environmental impact!

Using Wayfair products allows us to go into a project with a flexible approach. We are able to modify specific items that aren’t quite right or just needs a little paint or elbow grease to achieve the client’s vision for a fraction of the cost.

Our team is able to blend that custom approach along with practical event and real-world know-how in order to accomplish big, diverse projects in a short period of time, while always achieving the end goal and vision of the client’s event, office, or home.