Case Study

Waterford Luxury

Retail Experiential Marketing

The Summary of it all

One of our long-time pop-up store partners approached us to execute a unique pop-up for one of the world’s most renowned crystal companies, Waterford Crystal.  Our client had a relatively tight timeline when they approached us and had multiple other vendors backing out of the project due to the unique nature of what the client was asking for.  High-end Retail display fixtures with integrated lighting, all made from copper tubing.  Copper is a finicky material to work with, with it being relatively soft compared to other materials, and it had to be engineered and designed in a way where authentic materials were used while still accomplishing the completion date in time for the holiday season.


The Ask:

Produce a number of high-end luxury retail displays with integrated lighting and high-end tile work, all while being modular enough to fit through a single doorway and last for an undetermined amount of time.  You see, Waterford recognized that the single Pop-up store didn’t need to be an end to the investment they were making with their display pieces.   They knew the items would be used elsewhere, they just weren’t entirely sure where at the onset of the project.  All this, including Research and Development for the fixtures, in less than eight weeks.

The Space:

The space was relatively raw and had a landlord who had intentions of charging the clients for any little scratch, screw hole, or modification that was made to the space.  So Being strategic with how things were built, how they supported themselves, and how they stood in the space by itself was critical to ensuring the budget to return the space to the way it was received was minimal.

The fixtures were designed in a way that worked within the space.  Playing off of the raw brick and industrial vibes while bringing class and elegance to the brand through the displays.

The Creative:

Our team worked with the client’s design team to make appropriate tweaks to the designs we originally received to ensure that they were designed in a way where they would be safe for consumers, strong enough to not break under the weight of the high-valued items being sold/displayed and buildable within the timeframe and our shop’s machinery and capabilities.


The Pre-production process for this project required Researching the best way to polish and seal copper, run electrical cables through copper tubing without having any safety issues, and meet the very specific set of brand guidelines relating to color temperature, materials, and the sort, and sourcing materials available in the states, whereas material suggestions were coming from the design team across the pond and materials there were not necessarily available in the states.


By the time all materials arrived (Much of it custom ordered or not readily available in the quantities needed) we had approximately four weeks to begin the tedious process of hand cutting all the pipe (To ensure accuracy) machining on the CNC for the shelving displays and cabinetry, and copper welding all joints in a  step by step process to ensure that each step included the proper wiring and cable routing for all the integrated lighting which could not be visible to the consumers.

The team paid extra close attention to installing tile on a flexible substrate to handle shipping 700+ miles from the shop to the store and to allow future planning and easy switch out in the event damage happened while the store was open.

Solid Surface was cut on our multi-use CNC machine and finished by our team of highly trained craftspeople.


Over the next 2 1/2 days, our team loaded in with a team of local crew who set up, polished, and tweaked the displays until the client and their clients were happy with the end result. 

We loaded in more than 1,250 linear feet of copper pipe and 200 square feet of custom tile work.  Custom-cut CNC and laser-cut copper branding, multiple sheets of retail-ready glass, and custom metalwork integrated into a multi-function modular ornament display.


A Beautifully decorated and expertly laid out pop-up store which fit the brand perfectly.

All in all, the client was so satisfied with the displays, room was made in their USA HQ, just down the road, to showcase their products to all in-house and guests to Waterford’s team.

Even with the custom nature, high-end materials, and tight turnaround, we kept to the client’s original budget and were able to knock a favorite brand off our targeted list of brands that our employees and team members connect with.

Benefits of Working With Breakthrough:

  • Provide agile, quick, professional turnaround on impactful experiential marketing spaces from concept to strike. 
  • Transform bland or ugly spaces into dreamlike atmospheres that charm and delight your customers and clients.
  • Meet and exceed your expectations for converting concepts into modular designs that revolutionize the space without damaging it. 
  • Increase profits and virality of the pop-up store space through incredibly appealing and eye-catching builds. 
  • Make your business and brand the star of any tradeshow or exhibit. 
  • Rapidly design and install impactful theater sets for your production. 
  • Turn any space into a memorable experience that consumers want to keep talking about.

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