Case Study

AWAY Luggage Brand 

Experiential Marketing

The Summary of it all

We had two weeks to transform a stark industrial space into a transportive, airy pop-up show for the luggage brand AWAY. The design process created a heavenly atmosphere for attendees to experience, incorporating an “above the clouds” theme. In two days, we saw the space and Refined the design of the pop-up store. The build process had the entire store mocked up in our facility, in-house, to minimize onsite construction and work through any potential issues ahead of load-in. Then, in 2 1/2 days, our team loaded in to complete the space. Our client planned to stay open throughout the holidays, but a week and a half before the initial strike date, they told us the store was such a success that they wanted to extend the activation…  What more could we have asked for?


The Ask:

Our client agency approached us two weeks before the activation, requesting we create an impactful and artfully executed pop-up experience for the luggage brand AWAY. 

They were looking for as much of a turnkey experience as possible. They requested that we handle not only the fabrication of the space but as much of the lighting, retail fixtures, AV rental, and scenic painting as we could on such a short timeline to ensure it all integrated together.

The Space:

The space was a former chocolate factory, completely empty, and needed to be completely transformed from floor to ceiling. 

The client wanted to cover elements such as ugly subway tile walls, a bare concrete floor, and unsightly columns to minimize build-out costs that they wouldn’t be taking with them when the store closed…  After all, why pay to improve a landlord’s building if you don’t have to?

The client’s main request was to mask most of this with temporary scenic walls and a custom element to heighten the look of the existing ceiling.

The Creative:

Using Sketchup, a 3D design software program, the client provided us with images to inspire the design and build. They included themes of clouds in blue skies, bold shapes, minimalist decor, bright sun, and flight. 

The design process aimed to create a space that provided airiness and a “no-stress” approach to travel, incorporating the theme of being “above the clouds.” 

All of these themes were inspired by installation art and were presented abstractly.


In a matter of two days, our team scheduled a site visit and put together shop drawings for all of the walls, calling out specific details and scaling everything to fit within the structure of the existing space. We ensured that there was enough room for temporary bracing, power runs, TV placement, and anything else needed. 

Our pre-production design and layouts showed each wall and its specs so that our client knew exactly how we would approach the build, what materials we would work with, and how we would address seam placement.

The entire pre-production packet totaled 24 pages with every detail required for production. Once we received approval and made appropriate revisions, we began fabrication in our shop.


We set up as much as possible in our shop to minimize onsite construction. Wall flats were built in 4’ wide sections, display pedestals were completed 100%, lighting was tested, and paint sampling was executed for client approval. Due to the tight timeline, updates were sent daily, so our team could review progress with the agency and client and make appropriate shifts or revisions before the next work day. 

Everything was sampled and painted in our shop, and electronics were tested before loading up for the first day of onsite work.


Over the next 2 1/2 days, our team loaded in with a team of 7 carpenters, one lead, and two scenic artists to complete the space. 

We loaded in more than 250 linear feet of walls, 3,000 square feet of scenic painting, 24 cloud cutouts to be suspended from the ceiling, lighting, 3 TVs, and three projection screens, and coordinated additional AV needs with the client, who was providing the projection for the photo moment. 

Our team provided and installed all the retail fixtures and mirrors, and the multi-level displays required custom steelwork, all completed in a few days’ time. 

We were thrown a few curveballs throughout the build. 

One was a request to paint the exterior of the building, nearly 14ft high and 30+ feet wide, with the same cloud motif as inside the store. Through our network of partners, we secured an additional scenic artist along with the lift equipment and supplies needed to get it done before their grand opening on Black Friday.


Our client was planning on staying open throughout the holiday season.

Shortly before the initial strike date, the client reached out to us to let us know that the experiential pop-up store was such a success that they wanted to extend the activation by a few weeks. 

All in all, the client stayed well under their initial budget with us, and through a series of additions above and beyond the original scope, and because their client was pleased with the level of workmanship, attentiveness, and quality we were producing, they added more to our scope. 

We ended up netting out just shy of their budget threshold, which comprised fabrication, displays, custom mirrors, labor, logistics, project management, touchups, lighting purchases, paint, and TV and equipment rentals.

Benefits of Working With Breakthrough:

  • Provide agile, quick, professional turnaround on impactful experiential marketing spaces from concept to strike. 
  • Transform bland or ugly spaces into dreamlike atmospheres that charm and delight your customers and clients.
  • Meet and exceed your expectations for converting concepts into modular designs that revolutionize the space without damaging it. 
  • Increase profits and virality of the pop-up store space through incredibly appealing and eye-catching builds. 
  • Make your business and brand the star of any tradeshow or exhibit. 
  • Rapidly design and install impactful theater sets for your production. 
  • Turn any space into a memorable experience that consumers want to keep talking about.

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