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The Breakthrough Process

Trade Show Booth Design
Trade Show Booth Design Company
Trade Show Booth Design Company Charlotte
Ideation of different concepts

Presenting 3D Rendering Designs. Identifying how we can maximize your brand image with the budget and environment given. We welcome all ideas in this step.

We ask a ton of questions here. We help channel creative energy into multiple concepts in order to bring life to your product/service.


From design space to budget, to maximum effect.


Get all design ready for a single digital concept that is presentable.


Once we have designed the exhibit, mobile tour environment, pop-up store or experience and decided on how we are going to draw consumers in with our design production, the next is the actual production. We take everything from 3D renderings, drawings, and all ideas and make them digital to make sure we have everything in place down to the nuts and bolts for the fabrication and production phase.

Trade Show Booth Fabrication Company
Trade Show Booth Fabrication Charlotte
Trade Show Booth Fabrication
Pen & Paper

We take Ideas to pen and paper, and get ready to put into our design software.

Rough Drafts

Where pen and paper meet our design software, and where we obtain our first rough drafts of the design for your project.

3D Rendering

Where our design goes through the approval process, and becomes a solid plan of production action.


We take our design and begin to acquire all materials, hardware, lights, and other materials needed to execute on the design.


Fabrication and building is all done in house within this step. We do not use sub contractors. We make sure to update clients on our build-out process in this phase in real-time. This step is when ideas comes to life. Also, we make sure that everything within this step is able to be packed down and delivered in the prize phase.


We use technology not only within the build-out of the pop-up shops, but at the event to make sure that everything runs smoothly.


Planning is completed through every step of our process to make sure that we are accurate and precise so that everyone and everything looks the way it should.

The Event

The Prize is the event. Activation and Execution is the final destination. We help with logistics, and project management of the event. We also make sure that after the event is over, we break everything down and can store everything within our facility, or we can help move it on to its next destination if it is a multi-city mobile tour marketing event.

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