As a business owner and medical professional, you want to be able to grow your practice in the best way possible. It requires increasing your brand exposure and marketing your services to a wide audience. But it can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to create your footprint in such a crowded, noisy marketplace.

If you look at leading marketing and business specialists and coaches – like Ryan Deiss, Russel Brunson, Frank Kern and Tony Robbins, you can identify a common thread: they are all suggesting that you get yourself out there and virtually broadcast your message to the masses.

One of the most effective ways to reach a broad audience for little cost and still have a huge marketing impact is with social media. And with platforms like Facebook and Instagram allowing you to use live feeds and video stories, you can share these virtual interactions instantly.

Along with your social media presence are telehealth visits. Many patients and clients are likely feeling some amount of fear about exposing themselves to the COVID-19 virus. To combat those fears and still provide service to as many people as you can, telehealth visits are a great option.

But what other options are you forgetting about?

Podcasts and other audio and visual content.

With more people at home and more questions being asked everyday, especially when it comes to health topics, creating a professional-level podcast or YouTube video can make a huge change in the lives of your patients and clients, while accomplishing your marketing goals.

Sure, you could make your video or podcast on one of the at-home platforms like Zoom, but the backdrops can look cheap and the sound quality likely won’t be of a quality that reflects the quality of care you want to provide. Instead, you can let Breakthrough take the reins.

Breakthrough looks at what you hope to accomplish, whether it’s a telehealth session (yes, they do that too!), an interview with another key businesses owner in the area or a YouTube video on a technique that you want to share with your client base. Then, they deliver to you an at-home broadcast studio that represents your specific brand. It can even double as a professional workplace for consultations. You can make the background engaging by incorporating monitors to share content or help you to show a patient anatomical charts, 3-D models, or simply make the virtual interaction feel a little more like normal.

Breakthrough has had success transforming garages, home offices, at-work offices, and at-home studios. Whatever space you have, they can provide a solution for your needs. They will also guide you through the equipment you need to purchase to achieve the level of professionalism in your broadcast that you want.

However you choose to broadcast for your business, Breakthrough is here to take it to the next level.