It’s easy to be dismissive about the idea of a smaller display (let’s consider a smaller display one in the range of a 10 x 10 to a 10 x 30). But, in our years of experience, we’ve learned that imagination, planning, and enthusiasm triumphs over booth size every time.

We can look at this at a non-trade show angle. Take someone moving into an apartment. Decorating an apartment takes imagination since you can’t make substantial changes; no removing or adding walls, adding shelves, or painting the walls. But you want the space to reflect your tastes and interests, all while be welcoming and inviting to guests.

We’ve all probably stepped into someone’s apartment and have been in awe by their ability to turn a lifeless apartment complex into a unique space with decorations and personal touches. They were able to turn nothing into something on a relatively small budget (compared to taking down walls and picking out cabinets). At Breakthrough, we’ve found that it’s rarely about nice furniture, but rather about the details. People with welcoming and unique apartment spaces had a plan, they knew themselves, and they were willing to put in some effort into creating the space and it paid off!

If we take these same concepts for decorating an apartment and apply them to the trade show industry, you can design and build an effective smaller trade show display or booth. With successful pre-show marketing and designs that will help catch the attention of attendees, your smaller display will stand out and meet the goals you have set.

However, it’s important to include BOTH pre-show marketing and unique designs. Pre-show marketing can drive attendees to your booth, but once they are on the show floor, it’s all about the designs, presentation, messaging, and engagement of your display. By combining your company’s personality, creativity, and planning and adding attendee interaction it can be a welcoming and personal space—just like an apartment.