When designing your trade show booth, it’s critical to present a coherent brand image. Every element in your booth or exhibit (booth design, graphics, signage, promotional literature, color scheme, etc.) must be united by a recognizable signature that is unique to your company and what you do.

Here are a few suggestions to not only staying true to your brand identity, but standing out at trade shows:

Think Beyond Company Colors

Company colors and logos can easily be incorporated into your trade show exhibits. But let’s think beyond company colors. Color can be used to reinforce a corporate identity. For example: if your company is technology based. In this case, you might want to incorporate silver or gray into your color scheme to suggest scientific progress and the spirit of the future.

Themes can be a great alternative to the use of a basic company color scheme. If you do go with a theme for your next booth, try to keep it consistent with your company’s image. Some ideas for themes can be an anniversary year tie in. For instance, if your company was founded in 1926, you could design a roaring twenties theme to commemorate the 90 plus years of service. The design could have an art deco display and period cloths could be incorporated into the attire of staff. Attendees visiting your booth will associate your business with stability and longevity.

Hire an Expert to Speak

If you hire a speaker to present at your booth. To keep the choice consistent with your company you can hire, for example, a local author who has written books about your industry. A tie in with a thought-provoking book will stimulate discussion and interest in your booth.

Hanging Signs

Every trade show has detailed and eye-catching signs hanging throughout the event space. Hanging signs are an excellent method of getting your brand noticed. There are 2D and 3D sign options. 3D sign options can include circles, pinwheels, and tapered triangles. It’s always a huge compliment when an attendee says, “I saw your company’s sign when I walked in and wanted to hear more about your product.”

These are only a few ways to stand out at trade shows while staying true to your brand! Here at Breakthrough, we specialize in creating booths and exhibits that can do just that! All while staying within your budget. For more information about how we can help you create your next event booth, contact us here.