Tradeshows can easily be considered one of the most important marketing investments a company can make to promote their products. In order to maximize their tradeshow marketing return on investment (ROI), it’s critical they do everything possible to manage costs.

The great thing is that most companies can reduce their costs with a little planning and strategizing. Here are a few tips on how you can save your company money at tradeshows and events!

1. Utilize Modular Designs

Modular designs are a great way to save money if your company frequents tradeshows and events. They let you transition from a larger to a smaller exhibit using the same basic structure.

Modular designs can be portable, hybrid, or customized. There really isn’t a limit to modular designs if you find the right designer and builder. The term modular simply means it’s reconfigurable and if you exhibit marketing goals are flexible, owning a modular display can save you the expense of owning several unique static designs.

Another great way to save money with a modular design is by considering an attached overhead sign to replace a hanging sign. You’ll get the same visibility as a hanging sign, but without the expense of rigging charges.

2. Rental Exhibits

Exhibit rentals have come a long way with expanded design options. Renting an exhibit is a great option for a company with a limited budget or wanting to test the waters at a tradeshow.

Another advantage of a rental is design flexibility from show to show. Rentals make it easy to change your message, the structure, or the size. Essentially, it allows you to experiment. Plus, there is usually a lower upfront cost and you’re not responsible for maintenance or storage. This allows you to focus only your trade show marketing program.

3. Reusable Packaging Materials

In many cases, the packaging materials you receive with your booth components are designed to be used only once. For example, foam padding and bubble wrap. At the end of the show, you’re left wondering how you’re going to repack your booth for shipping and storage. Using reusable packaging materials from the beginning will make all the difference to your budget, and not to mention the environment. This will allow for less damage and a faster setup and packing.

4. Pre-arrange Return Shipping

Exhibitors can be so focused on getting their exhibit to the trade show that they often forget to arrange return shipping. The last thing you need is the added stress of arranging freight after three exhausting days on the show floor.

By scheduling your shipping ahead, you can avoid the added costs of last-minute shipping, which can be significantly more expensive. So, make sure to add return shipping to your tradeshow to-do list!

5. Store the Booth Locally

This tip mostly applies to people with active tradeshow schedules in the same city. Rather than having the booth shipped back to your main office every time, look at having the booth stored locally in that city.

It can be stored at a local or regional exhibit house or with a transportation carrier that can store the booth for a standard flat fee. In fact, the storage fees may be less than what you would have paid to ship the booth to and from the show each time. Check with your Exhibit Appointed Contractor; they often have suggestions on storage options in convention-centric cities like Orlando, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

For more information about how to save money and time at your next trade show, you can contact us here at Breakthrough!