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Experts in Experiential

No Seriously, We’ve done A LOT

16 years of experience

500+ Experiences Executed

8,640,000 Consumers impacted (That we can truly count)

Breakthrough Productions is a full-service Experiential Production Agency dedicated to creating unforgettable events for a wide range of clients and different industries.

We combine seasoned knowledge with inspiration and ingenuity, transforming and creating venues and providing your guests with truly unique experiences. Contact us so we can start working together to plan your perfect experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get instructions on how to set this up?2023-01-13T18:54:11-05:00

Yes! We take detailed photos throughout our build process and assemble and break down our projects before they leave our shop so that we can troubleshoot any problems with setup. We document this process in order to create a detailed installation guide as well as assembly videos so that our projects are shareable and user friendly.  Likewise, we can also provide completely turnkey solutions for your booth and event with dedicated project managers, onsite labor, logistics, pre/post show asset management, and storage.

Do you provide storage options?2023-01-13T18:54:51-05:00

Yes! We have facilities in New York and North Carolina, but can help set up storage solutions appropriate for your project anywhere in the country through our network of partners.

Do you travel? Where in the US can you help?2023-01-13T18:55:34-05:00

Our onsite production leads are able to travel anywhere in the US to lead local crews to assemble and strike. We have relationships with trusted and skilled hands all over the country!

What is the process?2023-01-12T21:07:05-05:00

If you have a sketch or an idea, let us know and we will render it

If you have a design, let us know and we will engineer it.

If you have build drawings, let us know and we will build it.

Wherever you are in your process, we can seamlessly jump in to get you to the finish line and go more in depth on how our process typically works on our PROCESS page.

Where do we start? I’m lost!2023-01-12T21:06:49-05:00

We first need to understand you, the brand, and what you are looking to achieve.  This is done in an initial meeting/phone call where we will deep dive to the CORE of what you are looking to achieve with your Booth.

Our brand uses very specific and unique materials, what are your capabilities?2023-01-13T19:21:04-05:00

We have worked with everything from plywoods, hard and soft lumber, acrylic, Polycarb, and metal, up to and including copper, aluminum, and multiple different types of fabric.  If we haven’t worked with a material before, I am sure we have a vendor in our network who will be able to help turn whatever your brand’s vision is into a reality.

Can you build out multiple stores at one time?2023-01-12T21:01:51-05:00

Simple answer? YES  Depending on the timeline our team can help do multiple store activations at a single time, or can help rollout a new product display or experience over the course of days-weeks.  Every project is unique and the goals of each project will dictate the best way to accomplish it.  Our team has YEARS of experience in healthcare, retail, and experiential marketing events to share with you and best serve your goals.

How can I make my pop-up experience the most successful?2023-01-13T19:00:57-05:00

The focus MUST be on your targeted customers.  Only with that focus can you create an impactful experience which will make the store payoff for years to come.  We talk to customers today that experienced one of our stores YEARS ago, which can give some indication to the value behind building something someone will connect with and remember years later.

What are the rules for pop-ups?2023-01-13T19:04:26-05:00

Every state and every local municipality has different rules for pop-ups and our experienced team can help provide answers to these questions once we have a better understanding of what it is you are looking to create.  Retail stores, for instance, have very different requirements from a location which food, which also varies greatly from a location sampling alcohol. We have worked everywhere from big cities, to small towns, to international airports and each place is VERY different.  Speak to one of our event professionals today to get a better understanding.

How can you help me?2023-01-13T19:08:39-05:00

Breakthrough can help with as little as just the fabrication, all the way up to and including full, turn-key services.  We have provided location scouting, onsite management, graphics, lighting, audio, unique store fragrance, custom fabrication, retail fixtures, and more to multiple clients and we look forward to finding out how we can best integrate with your team and goals for the brand to create a custom solution for you and your upcoming pop-up experience.

Do You Travel? Where In The US Can You Help?2023-01-13T19:05:46-05:00

Our onsite production leads are able to travel anywhere in the US to lead local crews to assemble and strike. We have relationships with trusted and skilled hands all over the country!  We have done projects in most of the major cities including: Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Denver, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, and the list goes on!

Can You Build This?2023-01-12T20:57:03-05:00

We specialize in the outside-the box and non-traditional builds, and when we are involved in the design process, we never draw something we can’t build. In the rare moments when we receive a proposal that is outside of our scope, we will let you know as soon as possible to allow time to adjust a design (if possible) or connect you to someone better equipped to handle your specific needs.

How Much Time Do You Need?2023-01-13T19:06:14-05:00

We understand that the event world moves at breakneck speed, and our shop capabilities and network of production partners allows us to complete complex projects quickly once a design is agreed upon. Let us know what you are thinking of having produced and we will always give you an honest time estimate. Because we have experience producing a variety of assets big and small, we are able to give you an accurate timetable quickly, and we can also make suggestions on adjustments to make the process more efficient.  We have done projects with a few days notice, and can plan out 6-12+ months in advance.  The one thing we do know and can’t stress enough, is that the more time we have to coordinate and plan your project with you, the further the project budget will go.

What kind of events do you do?2023-01-13T19:06:58-05:00

We have done everything from retail fixtures, 1 day-pop-up experiences, corporate launch events, up to and including multi-stadium tours and multi-store display roll-outs.  We will partner you and your brand with the appropriate project manager for what it is you are looking to achieve.  The most important thing for us to consider is how we will best connect you to your consumers.  Not sure what event type is best?  Let’s get a conversation going with one of our strategists to help narrow down the focus.

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