This year, the world turned upside-down, and businesses have scrambled to keep the doors open. Even as they’ve adjusted to the new normal, consumers are craving new experiences. They’re tired of shopping from home or watching virtual events. They want to feel connected to their favorite brands again. Now, businesses can partner with Breakthrough Productions for an immersive marketing experience that their customers will love.

As a partner for companies who want to implement an experiential marketing strategy, Breakthrough Productions has built incredible sets, stages, and visual experiences for a range of clients, including Arizona Iced Tea, Jack Daniels, Heineken, Dos Equis, and Geico. Now, as we collectively recover from the pandemic, both businesses and their customers are looking for new ways to connect. With many commercial buildings sitting vacant, there’s a new opportunity for socially distanced, branded experiences.

Breakthrough Productions is proud to offer businesses who have lost their trade show and convention opportunities something even better: the chance to craft a unique brand experience where customers can enter giveaways, meet influencers, see product demos, and more.
Experiential marketing is nothing new, but it’s especially helpful now for brands that want to start out 2021 with a bang and get a strong start for Q3 2021. Breakthrough Productions is creating assets that can be used in pop-up experiences, allowing brands to have the proper space for an immersive experience — even with social distancing in place.

Experiential events can include everything from contests and giveaways to personal VIP experiences and fireside chats to sneak peeks of new products. With Breakthrough, there’s no need for businesses to wait until conventions and expos come back to promote their latest product.
Breakthrough Productions works with the brand’s marketing team to create a fully immersive, highly visual pop-up store or fan experience. With the power of modular design and clever engineering, all assets used in the experience can be repurposed for future projects. This makes it easier for businesses to start engaging with their customers in new ways, without the expense of acquiring new facilities. With Breakthrough Productions’ help, brands can make experiential marketing a crucial part of their strategy.

It’s not too late to get your business ready for the Summer selling time. By creating your very own safe, engaging, and fully branded experience with Breakthrough Productions, you can give your customers something extraordinary to remember. For more information, visit