Having spaces in your home that show off your personal style and interests is a priority for most homeowners. Those extra touches can really help you feel comfortable and peaceful in your home.

But what about your kids? Kids need a room where they can feel that it was made just for them.

As we are starting to dive deeper into the home design realm, we noticed a need for rooms for kids that creates an entire experience. A room where they can have an undersea adventure with a mermaid, save their castle from the dragon, or even have a lightsaber duel against Darth Vader.

So, when we had the opportunity to design and create a Star Wars themed room for a child we couldn’t wait to start!

Here are some of the thought processes that went through our minds as we designed and built this room that any Star Wars fan would love to have:

How do we make a room that a child won’t outgrow?

For this project we approached the room design to have specific elements from Star Wars, like the AT-AT, but wanted to leave it open and flexible enough for any Space / Sci-Fi Fan. This way, as the child got older if they “outgrew” something or liked a new movie more they would be able to redress the room.

Kids have homework. Where will they do it at in their cool new room?

By using a Lego Table, it gave the child a workspace to do homework and play, but more importantly for the mom a place to keep all the parts and pieces organized.

The table was built from cabinet grade plywood and an Ultralite MDF. We finished it in a Sherwin Williams Cool Gray paint spray finish and topped it with a coat of Miniwax matte finish polycrylic.

We need details that sets their room apart from any other child’s with a Star Wars room. What can we do?

The AT-AT was designed by using authentic art from the movie and traced into our design software, and then cut with multiple levels of detail on our Techno CNC.

The Back Wall was patched from all the holes from previous artwork and hangings and then prepped with a Zinnser123 primer, and then vinyl wrapped with a custom vinyl print made from stock imagery Our team sourced. Either side of the wall has 2 Star Wars spaceship inspired “window” surrounds, finished with a milk plexi to diffuse the RGBW LED Tape from Superbright LEDS. This same tape was then used to backlight the AT-AT for the perfect nightlight addition to any kid’s room.

Okay… Parents are going to want TONS of storage space and kids are going to want display and toy space. How do we do both?

All around the room we created floating shelves to display toys, collector pieces, and Lego masterpieces.

Our team, filled with major Star Wars fans, were so excited to see the finished product. But, more importantly the child’s parents and the child were thrilled with the results which is always the main goal for us here at Breakthrough.

And Right now is the perfect time to get your child’s dream bedroom started! We are offering $500 off themed room designs and builds now through the end of May 2021.

So, if you are looking into creating a bedroom space for your kids that let’s their imaginations run wild, check out our Pinterest page for more creative ideas and contact us here at Breakthrough Productions to learn more about us and what we can do!